How Much To Hire A Driver For A Day In Dubai

  • May 15, 2021
  • Mujibur Rahman
How Much to Hire a Driver For a Day in Dubai

Dubai is a city that sprawls across more than 60kms from point to point. With the airport on one side, and some of the best sights and beaches on the other side, the ability to get around is an essential part of ensuring you make the most of your trip.

Although the metro covers much of the length of the city, it can be slow and basically just runs in a straight line. To get to your destination, you’ll probably still have a bit of a hike, or a short taxi ride ahead of you.

If you’re on a bit of a tight schedule, then travelling by car is the most time-efficient way to ensure you squeeze in all you can. So what are your options?

For more information, visit the Watsdrive website. You can book by calling +971 52 757 3911


If you happen to have access to a driver in Dubai, but you just can’t (or don’t want to) face the roads in Dubai, then another option is to use a newly established company called WATSDRIVE.

They are fully ensure safe and reliable drivers are provided to chauffer you around in the car you provide them. This is a service used regularly by residents of Dubai who use it as a ‘designated driver’ service.

They pay for short-term hiring of drivers, for example after a night out or a dinner involving alcoholic drinks.

Surprisingly, this service is more costly than some of the other companies whose services also include the hire of the car.

To hire a driver for a day (considered to be 9hrs) is 900dhs. During this time, you are also required to give the driver a 1hr break. The Driver, like the other companies, offer their services 24hrs a day.

Bookings can be made on the day, however they prefer 2-3 days’ notice to guarantee availability of high quality drivers. Bookings can be made online or by calling +971 52 757 3911.

Dial a Driver

Another company which offers you the option of hiring a car and driver, or simply hiring a driver, is Dial A Driver. They offer flexibility with regard to length of hire, but their pricing is less transparent because they also consider the number of passengers and the starting point.

They quoted a fixed price of 50dhs per hour just for driver services, with a minimum of 4hrs per booking. Daily rates are calculated in the same way, based on how many hours you want your day to be. For example, an 8 hour day would cost 400dhs and a 12 hour day would cost 600dhs.

If you’re staying in Dubai for a week or more, they do offer discounted prices for weekly or monthly hiring of driver services.

For a quotation, email and include details of the type of car, the number of passengers, the length of hire required and the location you’ll need the driver.

As you can see, the pricing is fairly consistent across the companies offering driver services. It’s mostly your individual preferences such as type of car and flexibility with booking which might sway you in one direction or the other.

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