How To Rent A Car And Driver In Dubai

  • August 16, 2021
  • Admin
How to Rent a Car and Driver in dubai

We’d like to share our experience, and a few of the stories we learned about renting a car and driver from our two week tour of dubai. Like arranging other things in dubai, it is not always as simple or easy as you may first imagine.

There is no one solution to meet every individual’s needs, so we’ve outlined the main car rental options.  Here are some travel tips about hiring a driver and or car based on our recent trip.

Is it best to book my driving tour in advance of arriving in dubai?
It depends what your budget is and how long you plan to be with your driver. We think the lower your budget and the longer your trip the more it makes sense to meet your driver and negotiate the costs in dubai. There are no shortage of cars, drivers and companies offering this service in the major cities of dubai.

If your just spending seven days in dubai for the trip, and you’re not overly concerned about the cost, then booking in advance with a reputable company before your arrival is probably the most sensible option as this will save you time. We think paying the premium of booking with an established reputable tour operator is highly recommended for peace of mind in this situation.

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